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The Perfect Search - Data
The Perfect Search - Data
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Perhaps one of the most important pages in your Perfect Search app!

Here you will find all the important data that is needed to make your perfect search work, for example all your products, categories etc. This is of course necessary for the search bar to work!

It is important to enable the synchronization here, so that under the heading 'Settings' the 'Layout & sequence' settings become active!

πŸ” Sync status

The synchronization data is of course important! Here you can see when the last synchronization of your database has taken place, so your products, categories etc, which you have also set active! Products are always synchronized in real time, the other data (pages, blogs, FAQs, categories) every hour.

Click on 'view synclogs' to see the status of the latest syncs. Any error messages in the synchronization can also be found here. Do you see any error messages here? Let us know!

πŸ” Sync blocks

To keep things simple, we call the above blocks the synchronization blocks. Here you can activate which data you want to synchronize for The Perfect Search, in other words: which data do you want to show in your search results?

As indicated earlier, this is important to activate, so that under the heading 'Settings' the 'Layout & sequence' settings become active. In these settings you determine what the customer actually sees.

Next to the title you also see the button 'view all', here you can see all data that has been synchronized. For example, you can see which products are synchronized and which data is included; Product IDs, images, titles, variants and prices.

πŸ” Tracking

Not very unimportant of course! We heard you!

Enter your Google tracking ID here, so you can send the search data to your Google Analytics and keep track of what is being searched. This way you can analyze your data even better!

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