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The Perfect Search - Texts
The Perfect Search - Texts
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Of course you want to personalize The Perfect Search for your customers and your wishes, you know which target group your products appeal to! Your texts can be set per language, the languages are automatically loaded in your settings based on which languages you have active within Lightspeed.

πŸ” Search bar

πŸ” Search bar text:

Enter the text that appears in the search bar when you open the search bar. You can use the variable {{ name }} if you want. When the customer is logged in, the customer name is loaded in the place of this variable.

Logged in user Robin will get the following message: 'Hi Robin, what are you looking for?

Non logged in users will get the message: 'Hi, what are you looking for?

πŸ” Button text:

This is the text that will be displayed in the button for product results. By default, this is 'Show more results'

πŸ” Show less results:

This is actually the same as the button text above, just for the 'Show less results' button.

πŸ” Home screen

The home screen opens when the search bar is clicked. Here (when set) the relevant search terms and relevant products appear immediately. Of course, there is a title above this, which you can also change!

πŸ” Relevant search terms:

Fill in the text for the relevant search terms here

πŸ” Relevant products:

Enter the text here for the popular products.

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