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The Perfect Search - Settings
The Perfect Search - Settings
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Optimize your search results, optimize the user experience and create more sales in one fell swoop with The Perfect Search! πŸ”

The long awaited app is finally here! Give your visitors the search results they expect when they search. From products to FAQ answers. Extend the standard Lightspeed search function into the perfect search function in your shop! Everything is customizable, from search rules to synonyms! πŸ”

πŸ” General

With the general settings you can specify if you want The Perfect Search to be active and/or hide the Plus+ branding.

πŸ” Activating The Perfect Search:

Quite simply, do you want to activate The Perfect Search? Put this slider active!

πŸ” Hide Plus+ branding:

Are you using the Premium+ package? Then you can hide the Plus+ branding (Search by Plus+) in the search bar.

πŸ” Show search page:

The most requested feature after the launch of V1.0 of The Perfect Search. When a search is made and then 'Show more results' is clicked, the users are redirected to a search page.

πŸ” Forwarding after "Enter":

When the visitor clicks "Enter" on his/her keyboard, he/she will be sent directly to the search page.

πŸ” Search settings

With the search settings you can specify what to search for and what the priority is. Do you want the product title to be the most important term for the search results? Then put it on top and active. The top option will get the highest priority in the search results, the bottom option the lowest priority.

πŸ” Layout & sequence

Probably when you first activated The Perfect Search you will see an empty field here. To show settings here you would first need to activate the data under the 'Data' settings, this is done by turning on the 'Activate Sync' slider:

More information about the Data settings can be found in the manual!

With the layout and sequence settings you can determine the order of your search results. The layout is loaded from top to bottom in your search bar.

In this case it is from top to bottom: Categories, Products, Pages, Blog Posts, FAQs.

You can also choose the maximum number of results to display in the search bar, the choice is between 1 and 10 results.

πŸ” Home screen

The start screen settings determine how the search bar is displayed before a search command has been entered. This initial screen is shown when the customer clicks on the search bar.

πŸ” Show popular search terms when the search bar opens:

Enable this setting if you want the popular search terms to be loaded by default when the search bar is opened.

πŸ” Show popular products when the search bar opens:

Activate this setting if you want the popular products to be shown by default when the search bar opens.

πŸ” Product settings

These settings control the display of products in the search bar.

πŸ” Show brands

If you activate this, the brand will be shown with the products.

πŸ” Show variants

If you enable this, the variants will be shown with the products.

πŸ” Show product images

If checked, pictures will be shown next to the products in the search bar.

πŸ” Show variations as separate products

Do you want variants to be shown as individual products in the search bar? Then activate this setting. This can be useful if you have many different colors or sizes of a certain product. This way, the customer can go directly to the variant they want.

πŸ” Product filters

With the product filters settings, you can load the filters of your products so that the visitors can filter in the search results.

πŸ” Show filters

Enable this option to load the filters during the search results.

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