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With The Perfect Gift, of course, there are also some settings.
Of course you want The Perfect Gift to be set to your liking ✨
The settings are explained below one by one, how do you want to use The Perfect Gift? 🎁
​Important: The settings will say something about a popup, but this is a small button with an 'expanding field', such as Facebook messenger. So it won't be a full screen popup like The Perfect Popup.



🎁 Show The Perfect Gift: Activate this setting to activate The Perfect Gift on your webshop! (Recommended! πŸ˜‰ )
🎁 The customer receives a maximum of one gift: Set this if you want the customer to receive only 1 gift, for example you have set your maximum gift amount to €69, and the customer receives a gift at € 20, €40 and €60,-. Is this setting not active? Then he gets all 3 presents. If you enable this setting, he/she will only receive the gift that he/she will receive with an order amount of at least €60.


🎁 Open on every first visit to your webshop: Immediately stimulate your new customers who visit your webshop for the first time. Immediately open the popup for the perfect gift. This motivates them to order more than the minimum order amount so that they receive a free gift!

🎁 Open every time the visitor comes to the shopping cart page: The popup will open immediately when you get to the shopping cart, so the customer always knows that he/she can receive a gift if he/she hasn't seen it yet.
🎁 The popup disappears automaticly: Do you want the popup to 'disappear' immediately without the visitor having to click it away?

Design settings

The design settings should of course not be missing.
🎁 Position label horizontal & vertical desktop: In which position do you want to display the Perfect Gift label? Play with the sliders to get the perfect position for you!🎁 Position label horizontal & vertical desktop: Same as above, only for the mobile version of The Perfect Gift!
🎁 Position label vertical mobile product page: Because sometimes there is a sticky add to cart button is on mobile with different themes, you can rearrange the position for the product pages. We recommend using a minimum of 70px here.
🎁 Label background color: What background color should the label have?
🎁 Icon color: What color should the icon be (only with Filled or Outline).
🎁 Icon label: Which icon style do you want to use? Emoji is the 🎁 icon, filled and outline are other (less clear) icons.
🎁 Image for the label: Don't want to use the standard icons? Then of course there is always the option to upload an image yourself. Use the file format: EPS, PNG, PDF, AI or SVG. Recommended dimensions are 25x25px.

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