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Discount rule: Free cheapest product when purchasing x products from categories
Discount rule: Free cheapest product when purchasing x products from categories
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  1. Go to the discount rules page (accessible via Marketing > Discount rules in the left menu).

  2. Click the title of the discount rule you want to edit. This page displays the discount rule settings.

  3. Under DISCOUNT RULE, set the following:

  • Title – here you can optionally change the name of the discount rule. This is the name you entered when creating the discount rule.

  • Discount type – the discount type you selected when creating the discount rule. The type CANNOT be changed. If you want to change this, you need to create a new discount rule

  • Enable discount rule – with this you enable the relevant discount rule and it will immediately apply in your webshop.

  • Stop after discount rule (enabled by default) – this setting determines what Lightspeed eCom does when rules overlap. For more information, see Explanation of the Stop after discount rule setting.

  • Apply discount before tax settlement (enabled by default) – This setting is only available when prices are displayed exclusive of tax (B2B or in US/Canada). Specifies whether the discount amount or percentage will be applied to the original sales price (excluding VAT), or after taxes have been applied. By default, the discount is applied before the VAT is applied.

  1. Under CONFIGURATION, do the following:

    1. At Buy from selected categories je you enter how many products there are in total from the selected category(ies) to get the completed number of products for free.

    2. At Get this number of lowest-priced products for free you enter how many lowest-priced products of the total are free.



    • When a customer orders two different variants of the same product, this discount rule does not apply.

    • If this discount rule is enabled multiple times, the discount will be applied again. If customers order more products than the entered quantity in the same order, the discount rule will not be applied twice. For example, if you've set up that customers must buy five products to receive a discount and they order ten, the discount rule will only be applied once.

    • A message will be displayed on the product page of the products in the chosen category(ies) as an advertisement for this offer to your customers.

  1. Under CATEGORIES, select at least one category to which the discount rule applies. If you don't select a category, the discount rule will never be activated.

  2. Under USE and DATA, configure the following general settings:

    • Usage limit – indicate here how often the discount rule can be applied.

    • Number of times used - the "times used" counter keeps track of how often (to date) the code has been used. You can reset it by clicking on Reset.

    • Select a period – set here a period with start and end dates in which the discount rule applies. The time period expires on the selected date at 11:59PM (23:59). Click herefor more information on how to sync discount expirations.

  3. Click Save when you have finished configuring your discount rule.

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