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General theme settings
General theme settings
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You can customize your theme settings in the left menu of your eCom store by going to Design > Theme Settings . This article summarizes the settings you can find in most themes. However, many themes have unique settings. Please refer to your theme manual for more information.

You can also customize your eCom store by installing a new theme using custom CSS or modifying the theme's code. For more information on ways to customize the design of your eCom store, click here.




Here you can choose from pre-programmed color settings.



Here you can set the background color.


You can upload your background image. For more information about image restrictions click here.


Here you can set the position of the image.


This option allows you to repeat the image on the screen so that it fills the screen.

Repeat - the image is repeated both horizontally and vertically.

Horizontal - the image is repeated from left to right.

Vertical - the image is repeated from top to bottom.


Background colour

Some themes use blocks to graphically represent your products. Here you can adjust the background color of such a block.


Add to cart

The color of the order button, which is next to a product, can be adjusted here.


Here you can change the color of buttons such as Login, Subscribe to the newsletter and View in the shopping cart.


Here the color of all other buttons can be adjusted. An example is the Add button for adding tags.



This is the icon that appears in the tab of your web browser or in the address bar next to the URL of your web store. The Lightspeed logo is shown by default, we recommend that you change it.


This is the bar shown at the top of the page. This contains a link to your homepage. Many customers choose to include their logo in the header. The correct format of this header is indicated per theme in the back office.


Hide brands

This option allows you to remove the branding item from your navigation. Normally, brands shows an overview of the brands you have added to your online store.

Hide RSS feeds

RSS feeds are a simplified representation of your online store's content. This allows your customers to see, for example, when you have added new products to your online store. Enable this option to hide these feeds from your customers.

Hide tags

By default, there are tags at the bottom of every page including the homepage. If you check this option, they will not be shown. Note These are not the tags on a product page.

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