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Choose your theme
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The design of an eCom store plays a very important role in its success. Lightspeed eCom brings you the work of professional web designers and developers through our Theme Store so you can design your website with the click of a button.

The Theme Store contains 50 customizable themes that you can choose from to make sure your eCom store looks professional. The themes are well designed and can be easily converted. You can choose from free themes and themes that are available for a monthly registration fee. In general, the paid themes are developed by third-party developers and are extensively tested and updated monthly. And installing a new theme will not be penalized. If you're not happy with your theme, you can always replace it.

Protect your current design
Installing a new theme will clear all previous theme settings. This may affect your customers. Read Effects of installing a new theme for more information.


  1. Visit the theme shop here.

  2. Reduce the results to make it easier for you to choose a theme. Do this by:

    1. to reply to What do you sell? at the top of the page as well as by clicking the drop-down menu Make a choice.

    2. use the filters on the left side of the screen to further refine the results.

  3. Choose a theme and see if it's right for you by checking out the theme's overview page.

    1. See how the theme would look on a computer, tablet or mobile device by clicking the icons above the preview.

    2. Examine the theme's preset designs by clicking on the names in the sidebar on the right side of the preview.

    3. Read the documentation to learn more about the resources that come with the theme.

    4. Click Preview to see a demo of the theme created by the theme developers. Here you can see what the theme will look like for your customers.

    5. And scroll down to read the theme description and learn more about what sets it apart from other themes in the What Makes This Theme Unique section.

  4. It is recommended that you repeat steps 1-3 until you find a theme with the right price, features and design for your eCom store.

  5. After you've determined your new theme, click Install now on the right side of the screen and log in to your eCom store to install it.

    Data loss and effect on customers: Installing a new theme will erase changes to your previous theme and may affect your customers. Read Effects of installing a new theme for more information.

  6. click Buy this theme and confirm by clicking Buy this theme again.

  7. Now you can start customizing your new theme.

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