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Add quality mark to your webshop
Add quality mark to your webshop
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Under Design > Quality marks u you will find the option to add quality marks to your webshop. With a quality mark you can demonstrate that your online store meets the generally applicable requirements for online stores. This increases the reliability of your online store. Of course you need permission from the quality mark before you can place it in your web store.

Before you can officially place a quality mark, your online store must meet the requirements of the relevant quality mark. The requirements differ per quality mark. For more information, please contact the quality mark organization.


Add seal of approval

To post a trustmark image you must have a secure link (https://) ending with an image extension (.jpg, .png, ect.). Don't have it? Then you can add the image to your files.

  1. In your back office, go to Tools > Files.

  2. Upload the image of the quality mark here by clicking on Upload files in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Click on the pop-up window to open your folder of files. In the folder, find the file you want to add, select it and then click Open to add the file.

  4. Copy the URL.

  5. Then go to Design > Hallmarks.

  6. Click Add trustmark at the top right of the screen to create a trustmark.

  7. A pop-up window will appear where you can enter all the details

    • Name - enter the name of the quality mark here, for example Thuiswinkel Garantie.

    • Image URL - Paste the URL you just copied here. If you use an external link, make sure it starts with https:// and ends with an image extension.

    • Link URL - here you can enter the URL to the Trustmark website, a page in your web store with information about the Trustmark, or any other external link.

    • Open in the same screen? - when you check this box, the page you are linking to will open in the same window. If you check this box, the visitor will leave your webshop when he clicks on the quality mark.

  8. Click on Save to place the quality mark.

You can change trustmarks by clicking on the trustmark and remove it by clicking on the red trash can icon.

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