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Add text and images to the home page
Add text and images to the home page
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  1. A large central image or headline - See Adding headings for more information.

  2. Text and Image Contents - You can add texts, images and videos using a text editor by changing the text page of the Front Page to Content > Home Page. Read Changing Text Pages for more information.

  3. Featured Products and Categories - See Add Featured Products to Your Online Store Home Page for more information.

  4. Brand Images - See Adding Brands for more information.

Smaller banner images - Banners can be added through your theme. Check out the theme guide to learn how to add it.






Learn more about adding text and image content to your eCom store using the text editor in Content > Home Page.


Learn more about adding images to your eCom store.


  • headlines

  • banners

  • Featured Categories & Brands

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