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Folder Theme Settings
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You can map (map) theme settings to make it easier for yourself and your employees to customize your theme. Once the settings are mapped, your users can preview the theme customizations before publishing them and find the settings more easily.

  1. In your eCom back office, go to Design.

  2. Choose Advanced > Edit code. (If a popup appears asking if you want to edit code, please refer to this important section below.)

  3. Choose More > Manage Settings.

  4. Settings that have not yet been mapped are shown with an orange exclamation mark. Move your mouse over this symbol to see which settings are missing. Click the name of the institution to open it.

  5. Fill in the fields that are still missing in this pop-up.


    Section - Choose here for "General" or "Pages". A General setting is a general visual setting, a Pages setting occurs on a specific page of the webshop.
    โ€‹Apply to - This is a subcategory of the section (General of Pages).
    For General, the setting can be related to: Header, Footer, Visual, Advanced
    For Pages the pages are: homepage, category overview page, category page, product page.
    Visit this page to view the descriptions of all fields (English only)

  6. Click on Save.

  7. Repeat these steps until all settings are mapped.

Differences in functionality


Not mapped


Customize preview in settings

You only see the home page

You can see specific pages of your eCom store

Preview (draft) before publishing

You only see the changes in the theme of the home page

You'll see all the customizations you've made to the theme

Order settings

No. All settings are displayed in a list.

Settings are divided into tabs and then organized into categories.

Edit your theme's code to assign theme settings.

This section applies to you if a pop-up message appears at step 2 of the instructions above. Before unlocking the theme code to map your theme settings, please note the following:

  • Edits to the theme's code are reversible only with an investment of time and effort. These should be put into backing up the theme's settings and code before reinstalling the theme.

  • Editing the theme's code will not allow you to receive future mapped theme settings from the theme developer. Contact the theme developer to find out when they can assign your theme settings. Read Get support for your theme for more information.

  • Only proceed if you plan to modify your theme's code. Read more about editing theme code to understand what happens when you select Edit code.

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