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Preventing color changes in images
Preventing color changes in images
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When you upload an image to eCom, it will sometimes be grayed out or appear dull compared to how it looked on your computer. This color change occurs if the color range of the image is not suitable for eCom. A color range is often either RGB or CMYK. CMYK is used for printing while RGB is used to display an image on a screen.

Make sure your images have an RGB color range before uploading them to eCom. If you compare images with different color ranges on a computer, the colors may differ slightly. However, once uploaded to eCom, images with the CMYK color range are clear.

On a computer:

Er is een klein verschil te zien tussen de CMYK- en RGB-afbeelding.

In eCom:

Er is een fletse versie van een afbeelding van een klok te zien aan de linkerkant en aan de rechterkant een afbeelding van een klok, volledig in kleur.

Recognize the color range of an image

Depending on your computer, you can see the color range by inspecting the image. Computers running Microsoft Windows may need open images in image editing software to see the color range.

On a Mac:

  1. Locate the image in Finder and select it.

  2. Click File in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

  3. Click Show info. You can identify the color range in the 'More information' tab.

Change the color range of an image

Use image editing software to convert the color range from CMYK to RBG and then export the file as RGB. Or search online for tools to convert cmyk to rgb. Choose the one that's right for you and upload your file to convert.

Click here for more information about available image editing software.

Try it yourself

These are the same images in two different color ranges. Use them to experiment with the instructions in this article:

  • Clock_RGB.jpg
    100 kB Download

  • Clock_CMYK.jpg
    700 kB Download

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