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Enable Google and Apple Pay using digital wallet
Enable Google and Apple Pay using digital wallet
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You can offer Apple and Google Pay to your customers by enabling digital wallets with Stripe. With digital wallets, your customers can pay with a single click instead of going through the checkout. It uses details from Google or Apple Pay stored on your customer's computer or phone to complete the sale quickly.


  • This feature can only be enabled after setting Stripe.

  • If any custom changes have been made to your register's code, a new code must be added to this feature. Contact your developer.

  • Digital wallet is not compatible with Easypost's shipping methods. Replace Easypost with ShipStation or other manual shipping methods before enabling digital wallet.


  1. In your eCom back office, go to Settings.

  2. Click on Payment providers in the Payment settings column.

    Geeft een pijl weer die boven de betaalproviderlink zweeft.
  3. Select Stripe.

  4. Turn on the switch next to Digital Wallet .

  5. Click on Save.


In order for the Pay Now button to appear on the cart page, customers must do one of the following:

  • Apple Pay enabled and using the Safari browser.

    Geeft een pijl weer die over de knop 'Apple Pay' zweeft.
  • Google Pay enabled and using the Chrome browser.

    Geeft een pijl weer die over de knop 'Nu betalen' voor Google Pay zweeft.

Branding and translations

The 'Apple Pay' button looks the same in Dutch, French, German and English, so it doesn't need a translation.

The "Google Pay" button does not contain the Google Pay logo. The words Pay Now are translated according to the browser's default language for Windows and the system's default language for Mac or Linux. Changing the language of the store does not translate the button.

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