A/B testing means that your customers are randomly presented with one of the checkouts in the checkout process. That way you can find out which of the 3 checkouts gives you the best conversion. Enabling more than one checkout will automatically start an A/B test.

Pay attention! A/B testing is only possible from an Advanced package. If you want to use A/B testing, upgrade your Basic package to an Advanced or a Professional package via Settings > GENERAL SETTINGS > Your subscription in the left menu of the back office.

Results A/B Test


The results of the A/B test can be seen in the graph at the bottom left of the page and the statistics at the top. You can choose what you want to see in the graph by choosing one of the options in the drop-down menu Currently showing in the statistics bar at the top of the screen.

By moving your mouse over the statistics at the top of the page, a small explanation about the different options will appear:


The total number of customers who opened the checkout from their shopping cart. This does not take into account whether the customer has completed the checkout or not.


Conversion is based on the percentage of leads that eventually complete the checkout. The calculation used for this is:

Afgerond/leads = conversie% 

For example, if 100 people have started the checkout process (leads) and 75 of them have completed the checkout in its entirety, the conversion is 75%.


If a customer leaves the checkout in the first step of the checkout. The customer arrives at the first step where he has to fill in his billing information. At that moment . The difference between Abandonment and Bounce therefore lies in the phase in which the customer drops out. With Abandonment this can be at any step of the checkout process, with Bounce it is the first step where customers drop out almost immediately. The math to determine the bounce rate is as follows:

Bounced/leads= Bounce % 

For example, if 100 people started the checkout process (leads) and 10 people dropped out in the first step, the bounce is 10%


If a customer leaves the checkout process before it has been completed, we speak of Abandonment. The calculation used for this is:

Abandonment/leads = Abandonment % 

For example, if 100 people started the checkout process (leads) and 15 of them left the checkout process without completing it, the abandonment percentage is 15%.

By default, all checkouts can be tracked in the graph. If you choose to do an A/B test with 2 checkouts, you can remove the remaining checkout from the chart by clicking on the appropriate checkout in the chart legend. For example, if you do not want the multistep checkout visible in the graph, click on “- multistep checkout” in the legend below the graph.

Move your mouse over the graphs to view exact data. After an extensive A/B test, you can draw conclusions about which checkout works best for your online store.

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