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The stages of the checkout
The stages of the checkout
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When a customer clicks on Go to checkout in your online store, they are redirected to the checkout area, consisting of these steps:

  • Screen for new or registered customers

  • Customer information

  • Shipping method

  • Payment method

  • Confirmation of the order

  • thank you page

Geeft de opties geregistreerde aanmelding of afrekenen als gast weer.

Screen for new or registered customer

If a customer in your online store is not already logged in, they will be directed to a login page where they enter their email/password combination to access their account. The customer also has the option to log in with his Facebook account, provided the social login option is enabled.

If the customer has not yet created an account with your online store, this can also be done by:

  • register by clicking the Register button, then log in when he has completed the registration process to continue shopping

  • or click Buy as guest

You can disable guest checkout and enable social login in Settings > Advanced. Click here to learn how.

Geeft het stadium weer waarin klanten hun gegevens invoeren.

Customer information

After logging in or purchasing as a guest, the customer is redirected to a customer information page, where they must fill in personal information such as their name, address and other fields that you have set as mandatory information.

You can configure both the required and/or optional fields in the Name and Address section of the Advanced page by navigating to Settings > GENERAL SETTINGS > Advanced. Click here to learn how.

Toont het stadium waarin klanten hun verzendmethode kiezen

Shipping method

At this stage, the customer is informed about the shipping costs. What the customer sees at this stage depends on the shipping method(s) you configured under Settings > SHOP SETTINGS >Shipping Methods in the left menu of the Back Office.

If the shipping methods are missing, the shipping methods may not be configured correctly. For troubleshooting click here.

Toont het stadium waarin klanten hun betaalmethode selecteren.

Payment method

In the next phase, the customer is asked to choose a payment method. You can configure these payment methods in Settings > PAYMENT SETTINGS > Payment providers. For more information about payment providers click here.

Toont het stadium waarin klanten hun order bevestigen.

Confirmation of the order

The last step a customer sees is the order confirmation. In this phase, the customer can submit comments that you see on the dashboard of the relevant order.

In addition, the customer may have to accept your terms and conditions before placing his order and subscribing to your newsletter. You can enable or disable this in Settings > Advanced. Click here to learn how.

Toont de inhoud van de bedankpagina.

thank you page

A thank you page appears after the customer clicks Buy. It contains a summary of the order.

If a customer chooses a payment method that takes over the payment on the provider's website, he or she is redirected there before seeing the thank you page.

The title and content of the thank you page can be edited on the page Content > Thank you for your purchase! . Click here to learn how.

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