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View customer wish lists
View customer wish lists
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With lightspeed eCom, consumers can easily add products to their wish list; a simple way to keep track of which products he or she still wants to purchase. As a seller, this is interesting information that you would like to see. For example, if you have the customer on the phone, you can still point out the products in his wish list or simply set up an email campaign on these products.

Where can you find this information?

In the back office you will find Wish lists under Marketing > Wish Lists.

The WISH LISTS overview paging shows you at a glance how many wish lists there are with the total number of products that are on the wish lists.

If there are more than 6 products on a wish list, you will see the most popular products in the popular section in the overview. This section describes the most popular products based on how often a product has been added to wish lists.

The Popular section describes the following aspects of a product:

  • The number of times the product is on a wish list

  • The corresponding variant image (otherwise the main image of the product).

  • The price of the variant

  • Current stock information: Green = in stock, Red = out of stock, Orange = almost out of stock

On the overview page you can also see the RECENT ACTIVITY of the wish lists. You can see at a glance the products that have recently been added to their wish list by customers. You can immediately see in an overview which product / variant it concerns, how often it is already on a wish list, which supplier it concerns and what brand the product is.

How do I see all the popular products?

To view the full list of popular products based on how often a product is wishlisted, click SEE MORE.

This opens the screen with an overview of all popular products. This list is easy to search and filter by:

  • the number of times the product has been added.

  • Brand

  • supplier

  • stock level

How do you see all customers with a product on their wish list?

To easily get an overview of all customers (who have a certain product on their wish list), click on the name of the product for which you want to see the overview. This opens a new screen with product specific information.

Would you like to see more information about a particular customer? Click on the customer and more information will be displayed. Does it say REGISTERED in the last column? Then the customer has registered for the newsletter.

You can also easily export the list of customers who have a certain product on their wish list. This helps you to set up a targeted action, for example. The export (CSV) contains the following data.

  • Internal_Product_ID - the internal product ID

  • Internal_Variant_ID - the internal variant ID

  • SKU - SKU of the variant in the wish list

  • EAN - EAN of the variant that is on the wishlist

  • Article_Code - Article Code of the desiredvariant

  • Price - Price of the desired variant

  • Stock_Level - stock of the desired variant

  • Internal_Customer_ID - the internal customer ID

  • Registered - date and time when the customer registered

  • Language - the language of the customer

  • First name

  • LastnamePreposition

  • Last name

  • E-mail

  • phone

  • mobile

  • Customer type

  • Company

  • coc number

  • barrel number

  • Attn

  • street name

  • Address 2

  • number

  • extension

  • zip code

  • City

  • Region

  • Country

  • Shipping Attn

  • shipping company

  • Shipping Street Name

  • Shipping Address 2

  • Shipping Number

  • Shipping Extension

  • Shipping Zip Code

  • Shipping City

  • Shipping Region

  • Shipping Country

  • groups

  • birth date

  • gender

  • Confirmed

  • Added - date and time the product was added to the wish list.

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