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Manage customer accounts
Manage customer accounts
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When a customer places an order on your online store, Lightspeed eCom automatically creates an account, even if the customer places the order as a guest.

This article describes the steps for manually adding or changing a customer account. Go to Managing Privacy Requests to learn how to completely delete a customer in response to a privacy request.

Create or edit a customer account

You can manually create a customer account in the back office.

  1. Click on customers in the left menu of the back office.

  2. Click on Add a customer to create a new customer or select the customer account you want to modify.

  3. Enter the customer's details under:

    • PERSONAL INFORMATION namely First name, initials, last name and email address. Toggle the switch next to waiting for approval to allow the customer to access their account.

    • CONTACT INFORMATION namely phone number, mobile phone number, language, gender and date of birth. Toggle the switch next to Customer agrees to receive marketing emails to update the customer's preference for receiving marketing emails.
      NOTE: The available languages ​​you may select for the customer depend on the settings you find in your eCom Back Office > Settings> Store Settings > Store Country > LANGUAGES.

    • CUSTOMER TYPE including whether it is a private customer or a business customer.

    • COMPANY INFORMATION is only visible when the CUSTOMER TYPE is set to business and it contains the company name, identification number, Chamber of Commerce number and the VAT number.

    • INVOICE ADDRESS namely the country, for the attention of address 1, house number, addition, address 2, postal code, city and region.

    • SHIPPING ADDRESS includes a switch that you can toggle if the billing address is different from the shipping address. In this case, enter the shipping details.

    • NOTES contains all comments related to the customer. These comments are only visible in the eCom Back Office.

  4. When you're done, click on save at the top right of the screen. You will be redirected to the customer overview page.

  5. Click send password to send a link by email to the customer to reset his/her password. You will be asked to confirm the action; click send a new password to confirm.

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