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When customers log in to your online store via My Account , they will arrive at the dashboard of their account. Here they will find an overview of the recently placed orders and their account details.

Via the menu on the left, customers can also send tickets, change account and address details and view the shopping cart and wish list. When your customers click on My orders in their account menu, they see an overview of all placed orders and they have the option to view orders.


Your customers can add items from your online store to their wish lists, making it easier for them to keep track of all the products they would like to buy. The My Wishlist page is enabled by default for your customers.

  • Click here to view the products on customers' wish lists.

  • Click here to delete wishlists from your eCom store.

Customers can view the wishlists in their account by clicking on My wishlist .

Geeft een pijl weer die naar de knop Mijn verlanglijst wijst in het account van de klant op de verlanglijstpagina.

They can also click Add to Wishlist any product page.

Geeft een pijl weer die naar de knop Toevoegen aan verlanglijst op de productpagina wijst.
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