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Send invoices after successful payment
Send invoices after successful payment
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You can ensure that customers only receive their invoice after they have paid for their order. By default, customers will receive two order notifications: One to confirm the new order and another to confirm that the order has been paid, as explained in the Email notification overview.

By following the instructions below:

  • Will the Order Invoice template be the only email sent? The latter happens after the payment has been received.

  • The order confirmation email is not sent to customers. You can install an app called Lightspeed Order Alert om to save order notifications. For more information, see Setting up new order notifications .


  1. In your eCom administrator, go to Settings.

  2. Select Company in the column General settings.

  3. Select Paid from the menu labeled Create in the INVOICES section.

  4. Select Save.

  5. Choose Back to Settings.

  6. Select Email Notifications in the column titled Website Settings.

  7. Select Order Confirmation + Invoices and delete both the subject and the content.

  8. Select Save > Back to the email notifications.

  9. Repeat steps 7-8, but now choose Order Paid.

  10. Select Order invoice.

  11. Make sure the content is appropriate for your eCom store. Make changes if necessary and choose Save.

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