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Product review at Lightspeed
Product review at Lightspeed
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You can easily collect product reviews in your webshop. These are not placed automatically, but you must first approve them in your back office under Products > Reviews.


Edit and approve reviews

Edit the review by clicking on the title . You will be redirected to the review edit page.

  • Approve - activate the switch to make the review visible in the webshop.

  • Author - this is the name of the customer who posted the review.

  • Email - the registered customer's email address. This field is empty if the customer has posted a review without logging in to your webshop.

  • Product - the product for which the review has been placed. If the customer has made a mistake, you can change the product here.

  • Stars - here you can see the customer rating based on the number of stars given (on a scale of one to five)

  • Content - here is the text that the customer has written with the review.

  • View product - the product for which the review has been placed.

  • View customer - if the customer has left the review as a registered customer, then the customer has been selected here. You can also add a customer yourself by clicking on the drop-down menu.

Create a review

It is possible to create a review in the back office. Go to Products > Reviews in the left menu and click at the top right of the screen on: Add review. The above fields must then be filled in manually. It is not possible to add a customer to a review created in the back office.

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