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Writing your first blog post
Writing your first blog post
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Have you created your blog? Then you can now start writing your first blog post. This goes like this.

  1. In the left menu of the back office, go to Blogs > Articles


  2. Click on Add article at the top of the navigation to create a new blog post


    Enter the title of your blog post, choose which blog you want to publish it to and click Save.

  3. The following options are then displayed:

  • Image - Images make your blog post more attractive. Upload an image here that catches the attention of your blog post readers.

  • Published on - enter the date of publication here. It is not possible to post a blog in the future. As soon as you have created an article, it is published.

  • Title - here you can still change the name of the blog where you want to post the blog post.

  • Language - select the language of the blog post here. Is the correct language not listed? In the left menu of the back office, go to Settings > SHOP SETTINGS > Internationalization

  • Author - enter here your name (if you wrote the article yourself) or the name of the author.

  • Summary - a good summary invites you to read through. Describe briefly and concisely what your blog post is about.

  • Text - here you can post the full blog post.

  • Tags - tags are keywords that collectively describe your blog post. These tags are not only useful for your visitors, but are also found by the search engines.
    Do you want to rank high in search engine results? Then provide relevant tags. For example, if you are writing an article about the new Louis Vuitton bag collection, use tags such as: Louis Vuitton, women's bags, brand bags, etc.


  • Google + ID - Enter the ID of your Google+ account here. The author's name will link to the Google + account.

  • Page Title - the title that forms the link in search engines.

  • Meta description - tell here in 160 characters, including spaces, what customers can read within this article. This text will appear below the link in search engines. This must be a sentence. Don't use "word, word, word" here.

  • Meta keywords - keywords/keywords about the article. Here you can use words that say something about the blog. Separate the words with a comma.

Are you done writing? Click Save to post the blog article.

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