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Create your first blog
Create your first blog
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Inform your customers about your new products and/or give them useful tips via your own blog. You can create this via the back office. Blogs are a fun way to stay in touch with your target audience and play an important role in the findability of your online store.

The blog function is only available from an Advanced package.

Create a blog

Before you can post articles, you must first create a blog. This goes like this:

  1. Click on Blogs under WEBSITE in the left menu bar.

  2. Click Add blog in the top navigation and give your blog a name.

  3. The edit page displays the following options:

    • Title - enter here the title of your blog as your customers will see it.


    • URL - enter the location of your blog here.

    • Page title - the title that forms the link in search engines.

    • Meta description - tell here in 160 characters, including spaces, what customers can read within this blog. This text will appear below the link in search engines. This must be a sentence. Don't use "word, word, word" here.

    • Meta keywords - keywords/keywords about the product. Here you can use words that say something about the blog. Separate the words using


    • Comments - indicate here whether you allow comments on your blog.

Your blog will then be visible in your web store. You can create multiple blogs, for example when you want to address different target groups or have different purposes for your blog.

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