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Company details for the invoice
Company details for the invoice
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Under Settings > GENERAL SETTINGS > Company you can enter or change the name and address or bank details of your company. Some of this information is visible on the invoices to your customers.

  • INVOICE LOGO - this is the logo that will be shown in e-mail messages and on invoices, among other things, it replaces the Lightspeed logo that is set by default; to upload click on 'Edit'. The size of the logo on the invoices is 400 x 220 pixels. From this size, the logo is automatically resized to 220 x 100 pixels for email messages and packing slips.

  • Company Name - the name of your company.

  • Chamber of Commerce number - chamber of commerce number

  • VAT number - VAT number of your company


  • Director - name of the director

  • Registered in - place of registration

  • Citizen Service Number- this is not visible to your customers.


  • Phone number - phone number where you can be reached

  • Fax number - fax number where you can be reached

  • Choose a country - the country where you are located

  • Street Name & House Number - Enter the street name and house number of your office here.

  • Postal code - enter the postal code here.

  • City - enter the city here.

  • Region - enter the province here.


  • General e-mail address - enter the e-mail address to which messages sent via the customer service page should arrive.

  • Customer Service Email Address - Enter here the email address that is mainly used for contacting your customers. It is the address that they see, for example, when they confirm their order (usually [email protected]).
    NB. Customers have the option to respond to emails sent from this address. Confirmations of sending a message are also sent from this address


  • Account holder - Enter the name of the account holder here.

  • IBAN - enter your IBAN code here.
    IBAN is the abbreviation for International Bank Account Number. It consists of 18 characters (numbers and letters) and contains your current account number. Example: The IBAN of account number 123456789 of the Rabobank is NL44 RABO 0123 4567 89.

  • SWIFT / BIC - the BIC has a length of eight or eleven alphanumeric characters with the structure BBBBCCLLbbb or BBBBCCLL.
    These letters are variables: BBBB (bank code of four letter positions, freely selectable by the institution concerned), CC (country code of two letter positions, according to ISO 3166-1 standard), LL (city code of two alphanumeric characters) and bbb (branch - or department number - three alphanumeric characters)

  • Bank name - enter here the name of the bank to which your company is affiliated.

  • Bank location- enter the location of your bank here.

  • Bank number - enter the bank code of your bank here.

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