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When you add a language to your eCom store, you need to add translations for headings, descriptions and content throughout your eCom back office. Certain eCom elements such as products, navigation, titles or shipping methods will not appear in other languages ​​without translations. Fields that have not been translated may prevent you from saving the changes.

Read this article to know more about the text to be translated and useful translation methods.

Interface text is automatically translated. For more information on how to change interface text, click here.

To learn:

  • To add a new language to your eCom store, click here.

  • To change the interface language of the eCom Back Office, click here.

Required translations

Add translations for headings, descriptions, content and search engine data in your eCom back office under:

  • Products

  • Products > Categories, Brands, Suppliers, Filters

  • Design > Titles

  • Content > Pages, FAQ

  • blogs

  • Blogs > Blog Posts

  • Settings > General Settings > General

  • Settings > Shop Settings > Shipping Methods, Delivery Periods

  • Settings > Website Settings >Email Messages

Toont pijltjes als je de knop vertalingen tonen indrukt.

Translation Methods

Use Show All Languages - Click Show All Languages to easily add translations in all fields. This can be faster than switching between languages.

Translate with an app - In the eCom App Store we offer the Simply Translate app. The text of your website will be automatically uploaded to the app. Then a specialized translator will translate it. For more information click here.

Find a translator - There are several options for getting translations. One of the options is to hire freelancers through the Upwork website.

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