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Text pages in your web store can be managed via Content >Pages in the left menu of the back office. The location of the text pages in your web store depends on your chosen theme. In general, the pages are in the footer of your webshop. In addition to the standard text pages (recognizable by the gray 'standard' label), you can also create additional pages yourself.

URL of pages in the footer

All pages accessible through the footer of your website can be found on your domain via /service. For example: your.domain.com/service/About-Us.

The /service address is used for all languages and cannot be changed.

Default pages


Below is a brief description of the standard text pages:

  • About us
    Describe your online store here and how it came about. You can also post your contact details here.

  • Terms and Conditions
    Inform your customers here about the conditions you apply. You can get inspiration from various examples for general terms and conditions that can be found on the website of the Chamber of Commerce or via Google.

  • Disclaimer
    In this you describe in detail your liability for any damage or the exclusion thereof, for example by stating incorrect information on your website, either from yourself or from third parties.

  • Privacy Policy
    Inform your customers what exactly you do/don't do with customer data you have collected.

  • Payment methods
    Make it clear to your customers here which payment methods you accept, so that they know in advance what to expect.

  • Shipping and Returns
    Describe here what you charge for shipping and how shipping costs are calculated, as well as the procedures you use for returns.

  • Customer service
    Place important information here regarding the service to your customers. This text will appear above the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Site map
    Here visitors to your site can see the structure of your online store at a glance, allowing them to quickly find what they are looking for. Sitemaps also contribute to your findability on the web. Here you can also edit the text above your sitemap.

  • Thanks for the order!
    Enter your word of thanks that customers will see after placing an order.

  • Homepage
    Adjust the introductory text on your homepage here. This appears below headlines and above products.

  • my shopping cart
    Customers will see this text in their shopping cart.

  • Payment details
    - Inactive

  • tag
    This page was added here to create a tag page for search engines. This is not immediately available to customers. You can reach this page via http://domeinnaam.nl/tags/. The text you write here will not be visible. This is also not possible.

  • Newsletter terms & conditions
    Inform your customers here about the conditions you use when sending your newsletter.

Editing and creating text pages

  1. Go to Content > Pages in the left menu of the back office.

  2. Open the page you want to edit or create a new page by clicking Add page at the top right of the screen.

  3. You will be redirected to the text page edit page.

  • Page content - fill in the name of the title at Title . This title is visible in the (footer) menu in your webshop and is already filled in for the standard pages. Write in Content the content of the page.

  • Search engines - enter the meta data of the text page here.

    • Page title - this forms the link in search engines

    • Meta description - enter a short description of the text page here. The meta description will appear below the link as a description of the page. You can use up to 160 characters for this. Make sure you write a running piece of text and not just paste keywords one after the other.

    • Meta-keywords - keywords are keywords that say something about the text page. Meta Keywords are no longer used by major search engines.

  • Visibility - activate the text page to make it visible in your online store by clicking the toggle so that it turns blue.


Click on Save in the top right or bottom right corner.

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