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Working with the text editor
Working with the text editor
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In the text editor you can easily edit your text by using the buttons above the text field. Below is an explanation of all buttons from left to right and from top to bottom.


The text editor field has a limit of 65,532 characters.

  • Formats - under formats you will find the Headings headings, inline, block and alignment.

  • B - Text bold

  • I - Text italic

  • Bullets - Use bullet points to make a list. You can only use the closed round (black) spheres

  • Numbering - Use numbers to make a list.

  • Indent - Make one or more indents in the text. The size of the indent cannot be determined)

  • Decrease Indent - Remove or reduce the indent in the text (for multiple indents)

  • Insert Table - Insert a table into the text. Clicking on this will open a menu where you can choose the number of rows and columns.

  • Table Style - You can format a table or cell by clicking or highlighting the table/row/cell(s) you want to format. Click on the table icon and then on:

    • Table properties

    • Row > Row Properties

    • Cell > Cell Properties.

    Any style changes made here will be overwritten by your theme code. So if you change the formatting style of your table and it doesn't show on your web page, you may need to adjust your theme code or the CSS. Click here for more information.

  • Table Style Options - In both the General and Advanced tabs, the following settings can be made:

  • Add Link - Turn text into a link. For an extensive explanation of how to make a link from a text and/or add a file, we refer you to the support page about adding a file.

  • Remove Link - Make a link back to normal text.

  • Insert/Edit Image&Insert/Edit Media- toevoegenAdd an image or video via a URL or file in your eCom Back Office > Tools > Files. Go to Upload files for more information.

  • HTML - This is the HTML editor of a text. This allows you to adjust the text to your liking by means of HTML.

Pay attention! Our HTML editor supports a lot of valid HTML but no <script> tags for security and usability reasons.

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