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Place video in your webshop
Place video in your webshop
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Posting a video works best if the videos come from video sites like Youtube. What you need to post a video is an embed code.

Embed code in Youtube

  1. Go to Youtube and open the video you want to put in your online store.

  2. Click Share below the video.

  3. A pop-up screen with a link will appear. Above the link are some social media channels and 3 links: Share this video, Embed and Email. Click Embed.

  4. A pop-up opens with a so-called iframe code. You will need this code and it is also called embed code.

  5. Copy the code. The following explains how you can place this code in your webshop.

Place video in your webshop

  1. In the back office of your web store, go to the page or product where the video should be placed. For example on the text page About us.

  2. Go to the text field. You can recognize this by the large white area where you can enter texts. In the menu above this text box, click the HTML button (<>).

  3. A new pop-up window opens where the code can be pasted. Click Ok to add the video.

  4. Save the page to place the video in your online store.

Resize video

If the video is too big or too small for the place where you want to place it, you can adjust the size in the code.

Your code will look something like this:

<iframe width="560" height="315" 
src="" frameborder="0" 

The first line describes the format. The video now has a width of 560 pixels and a height of 315 pixels. You can adjust these formats by placing a different number between the quotation marks. For instance:

<iframe width="300" height="169" 
src="" frameborder="0" 

When adjusting, make sure to keep scaling the same (i.e. increase or decrease width and height by the same factor) so that the video maintains its rectangular size.

Pay attention! If the size does not change, please contact your theme developer.

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