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Introduction column descriptions
Introduction column descriptions
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In Lightspeed eCom, the export is partly used for the import of, among other things: products, customers, suppliers, redirects, brands and product filter values. Each of these exports contains columns related to a particular field in Lightspeed eCom. When creating a worksheet for import, insight into the export is required. Visit any of the articles in this section to see more information about each column, including:

  • The order in which each column appears on the spreadsheet

  • The title of each column in the respective export

  • Suggested allocation on import

  • Link to a description of the column organized into groups.

Each article in this section contains descriptions for each column in an export that look like the example below. The title column is next to the system column name, followed by a summary description of the requirements for this column:

Title - XX_Title_Short- Description.

  1. Requirement 1

  2. Required 2

Articles in this section

  • Language abbreviations in column titles

  • Product column titles

  • Customer column titles

  • Supplier column titles

  • Redirect column titles

  • Brand column titles

  • Product filter value column titles

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