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Configure Ogone (Ingenico)
Configure Ogone (Ingenico)
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Ogone (Ingenico) is only available in Europe and the UK. Click here for an overview of the payment providers available in your country.

This article provides a guide to configure the Technical data part within Ogone (Ingenico). These steps end with the steps to configure Ogone (Ingenico) in Lightspeed eCom.


  • Have a production account with Ogone (Ingenico). Click herto sign up.


  1. Log in to your Ogone (Ingenico) account.

  2. Click Configuration > Technical Settings.

  3. Click on General transaction parameters.

  4. In the Default Operation Code , enable Sales . Keep the default options for the remaining settings:

    • Standard data capture (payment) procedure: Data capture by the merchant (manual or automatic)

    • Payment Attempts: 10

    • Processing of individual transactions: Online but switch to offline when the acquirer's online system is not available.

    • Default ECI Value: 7 - Ecommerce with SSL Encryption

  5. click on the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

  6. click General security parameters.

  7. In the Character encoding , turn on UTF-8. Keep the default options for the remaining settings in General security parameters:

    • Hash-algoritm: SHA-512

  8. Click on SAVE .

  9. Click on Payment page.

  10. In the section Cancel Button,Hide the "Cancel" button on Ingenico's secure payment pages. in.

  11. Type into the field marked Redirection "Back" button.

  12. Type in the field marked as Terms & Conditions URL.

  13. Click on SAVE .

  14. Keep all default settings in Data and Origin Verification and click Order Feedback.

  15. Type these URLs into the HTTP Redirection section in the browser:

    • Accepturl -

    • Declineurl -

    • Exceptionurl -

    • Cancelurl -

  16. Enable I want to receive order feedback parameters on redirect URLs.

  17. Leave the checkbox checked I want Ingenico to show the customer a short text message on the secure payment page immediately after the checkout process if a redirect to my website is detected.

  18. In the section marked as Immediate HTTP server-to-server request for Timing of the request, enable the following setting Online but switch to a deferred request if the online requests fail.

  19. Type in both fields marked as:

    1. If the status of the payment is "accepted", "pending", or "uncertain".

    2. If the status of the payment is "cancelled by customer" or "too many times declined by buyer".

  20. Click Obtain for the application method.

  21. In the Dynamic e-Commerce Parameters section, make sure only these parameters are selected:


    • AMOUNT

    • BRAND

    • CARDNO

    • CN



    • EMAIL



    • PAYID

    • STATUS


  22. Keep the default settings in the part named Alias gateway and Tokenization - Dynamic parameters and do not select any parameters.

  23. Enable I want Ingenico to show a "pending" message to the customer during payment processing.

  24. Enable I want Ingenico to restart the "end of order" process (request/redirection after payment) if necessary .

  25. Keep the settings as default for the part called Security for requested parameters.

  26. In the section HTTP request for status changes enable the setting For any offline status change (payment, cancellation, etc.).

  27. Enter into the field marked as URL where the owner would like to receive a deferred HTTP request, if the status of an order changes offline .

  28. Make sure that in the section DirectLink - Dynamic parameters only these parameters are selected:


    • AMOUNT

    • BRAND

    • CN


    • EMAIL



    • PAYID

    • STATUS

    • VALID

  29. Click on SAVE .

  30. Keep the default settings in Order emails.

  31. Save your PSPID, SHA in and SHA out passphrases. You will need this later.

    1. Click on Configuration > Password to write down your PSPID.

    2. Click Configuration > Technical Data > Data and Origin Verification. In the Checks for eCommerce section, click VISIBLE to copy your SHA-IN passphrase.

    3. Click on Configuration > Technical data > Order feedback. In the section All Order Submission Modes - Security for Requested Parameters , click VISIBLE to copy your SHA-OUT passphrase.

  32. Open your eCom Back Office and click Settings.

  33. Click on Payment providers.

  34. Make sure that Ogone (Ingenico) is added as Payment provider by clicking on Add payment provider and clicking on Add next to it. If Ogone (Ingenico) is already added, select it.

  35. Paste your PSPID, SHA in and SHA out passphrases into the appropriate fields.

  36. Select your country.

  37. Optionally enter the name of the template file in the field marked as Template file .

  38. Click on SAVE .

  39. Test if Ogone (Ingenico) works in your checkout. Click here for more information about testing your checkout.

Resolving problems

If you don't receive a payment notification and you use multiple languages in your eCom store:

  • Try entering your default country code in the payment notification URLs (Step 15). For example / and / payment /ogone/ successful/

  • Verify that the Dynamic e-Commerce Parameters and Dynamic Parameters are configured correctly (Steps 21 & 28).

If customers can't make payments:

  • Make sure to choose RECEIVE instead of POST in the request method, otherwise your customer will receive error messages.

  • Make sure you have set the SHA-IN & SHA-OUT passphrases correctly. Check for spaces before and after when entering in eCom (Step 36).

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