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Klarna Manage Pay Later
Klarna Manage Pay Later
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With Klarna Pay Later, your customers can pay later and at the same time you can ensure that you receive the payment when you execute an order.

This article discusses the migration of Klarna and how Mollie relates to Klarna Pay Later. Important issues:

  1. Click on Send everything in Mollie to receive payments from Klarna Afterwards Payment after the order has been placed. Click here for more information.

  2. Only refund the entire order or an entire order line. Click here for more information about partially refunding an order line.

Migration from Klarna to Mollie

Klarna is changing the way it accepts communications from Lightspeed. To guide you through this change, the independent integration of Klarna in your eCom back office under Settings > Payment providers will be replaced by a payment option for Klarna in the Mollie payment integrations.

Klarna Configure Postpay with Mollie

To enable Klarna Postpay in Lightspeed eCom:

  • Log in to your eCom Back Office and click on Settings > Payment providers.

  1. Click on Mollie. If Mollie is not already visible, configure it. Click here for more information.

  2. Turn on the switch named Klarna Postpay and click Save.

  3. Test your configuration by creating a test transaction. Click here for more information about testing your checkout.

Receive payment from Klarna Pay Later

Follow these instructions to receive a payment.

  1. Open the new order in the Lightspeed eCom back office. On the home screen, click on Orders > order number (eg ORD1234).

  2. Click on the link in the message at the top of the screen to access the order in Mollie.

    Geeft een pijl weer die naar de link in de opmerking bovenaan het scherm wijst.
  3. Click on Send all. Mollie now receives the payment from Klarna Afterwards Payment. Klarna Pay Later collects the payment from the customer.

  4. Log in to your eCom Back Office and click Orders.

  5. Find the same order and click on the title to open it.

  6. Click Mark as shipped to complete the order.

Partial Refunds and Klarna Postpay

Orders via Klarna Postpay can be refunded by creating a credit note. However, an error occurs if you partially refund an order line. Click here for more information about creating credit notes.

An order line is an item in a note with a title, quantity, and price or cost. Items can be products, shipping methods or payment methods.

If you want to partially refund an order line, create a new order with the correct amount for the customer. Do this by canceling the incorrect order and creating a quote that you turn into an order.

  1. Click Cancel at the bottom right of the screen.

  2. Click on Quotations in the left sidebar.

  3. Click Create quotete and select the customer, products, and shipping and payment methods. Make sure prices and costs are correct.

  4. Click on Convert to order.

  5. Inform the customer to log in and complete the order by entering the payment details again.

Click here for more information about creating quotes.

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