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Link MultiSafepay
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MultiSafepay is only available in Europe. Click here for an overview of payment providers available in your country.

MultiSafepay is a payment service that allows your customers to buy items in the eCom shop.


  • You need a subscription for MultiSafepay to activate the service in your eCom back office. To do this, go to

  • You need an account ID, site ID and security code. You can find this in the MultiSafepay account under Settings > Website settings.


  1. Log in to your Lightspeed eCom Back Office and click Settings.

  2. Click on Payment providers in the column Payment settings.

  3. Geeft de providerinstellingen weer.

    Click on MultiSafepay. If the payment provider does not appear on the screen, click on Add payment provider and click Add next to MultiSafepay.

  4. Activate the switch called Activate this payment provider.

  5. Leave Consumers & B2B as the default option in the dropdown menu Visibility. Only change this setting if you have tailored the eCom store to B2B customers.

  6. In PROVIDER SETTINGS , leave the Live option for the Mode dropdown menu selected. Only change this when you test the integration of payments using a MultiSafepay test account.

  7. Geeft het gegevensscherm weer.

    Enter your security code, site ID and account ID.

  8. Under PAYMENT METHODS you can enable the payment methods of MultiSafepay, for which you have concluded a contract. Customers will not be able to checkout if non-contract payment methods are set up.

  9. Leave the settings in EXTRA SETTINGS as default. Only change these settings when necessary for a payment strategy. These changes may make it more difficult for customers to check out. For more information about other settings on this page, you can go to the general overview here.

  10. Click on Save.

Please contact MultiSafepay's support department for more information:

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