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Set up visibility - consumers and B2B
Set up visibility - consumers and B2B
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The second setting for all payment provider settings is: Visibility - Consumers, B2B, or both. Through this setting you can show specific payment options to your consumers or B2B customers.

In most cases, you can leave this setting on Consumer and B2B by default. If your customers and B2B customers have other payment providers, follow the instructions below.


  • To show payment options only to business customers, you need to set the CUSTOMER TYPE to Business for all B2B customers. Read Managing Customer Accounts for instructions.

  • You must have already added a payment provider to your eCom store.


  1. Select Settings in your eCom administrator.

  2. Select Payment Methods under Payment Settings.

  3. Select a payment method.

  4. Put Visibility on B2B at the top of the page.

  5. Select Save.

  6. Repeat these instructions, but set the visibility to Consumers to ensure that both types of customers can buy from you.

Next steps

  • Test your checkout to verify your changes.

  • Sell ​​to consumers and businesses for information about what we mean by experiences.

  • Configure B2B Features for information on how to configure the different experiences through the available eCom features.

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