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Refund orders for Lightspeed Payments
Refund orders for Lightspeed Payments
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This article explains the various ways in which you can refund an order. The choice of the following methods depends on the status of the order and the desired effect:

  • Refund an order without a committed payment

  • Refund some or all lines of an order

  • Refund an entire order by canceling

  • Make a partial refund

Without a committed payment

You may have to refund an order before you have committed the payment. This can happen when customers have made an error in the order.

  1. Click on Orders in the left menu of the back office.

  2. Open the order you want to refund by clicking on the order number in the list.

  3. On the Orders page, if the order status is marked as WAITING FOR COMMITMENT, click Cancel order. Canceling the order will automatically release the pre-authorization of the payment.

  4. In the pop-up window, click Cancel order.

Refund some or all lines of an order.

You can indicate which products your customer wants to return by adding a number in the credit invoice for each line. This happens, for example, if your customer accidentally bought more products than he/she wanted to order.

  1. Click on Orders in the left menu of the back office.

  2. Open the order you want to refund by clicking on the order number in the list.

  3. Confirm that the order payment has been recorded by looking at the order status. If the status is marked as Waiting to commit, then capture the payment by clicking Commit payment .

  4. Create a credit invoice by clicking on Add credit invoice .

  5. Under Quantity, enter the number of refunded products and turn off the Update Inventory or Notify Customer by turning the switches off.

  6. If you want to refund money to a customer through Lightspeed Payments, make sure the switch next to Refund is turned on.

  7. Click on Add.

  8. When you have refunded all products in the order, select Cancel order.

Make a partial refund

Partial refunds occur when you have to refund part of a line in an order. For instance:

  • A customer's order contains the following three lines: T-Shirt - €20, Shorts - €50 and Shipping Costs - €15. You must refund €7.50 in shipping costs.

  • A customer has purchased a product with a price of €100 online. Because the customer was eligible for a discount that was not available online, you must issue a refund of €20.

To make a partial refund:

  1. Refund the full order amount. Read Make a full order refund for more information.

  2. From the Home page, click on Orders.

  3. Open the just refunded order again at the top right of the screen and click on More> Duplicate > OK.

  4. Edit the quote so that the price matches what you want to ask your customers.

  5. Click on Convert to order, at the top left of the screen.

  6. In the pop-up window, choose to notify your customer by turning on the switch and confirm by clicking Convert to order .

  7. Confirm that the invoice has been created by making a note of the invoice number provided in the Payment section of the order.

    If you do not have an invoice number, you must create one:

    1. Click Create invoice.

    2. Turn on the switch Notify when new invoice .

    3. Click on Add.
      To create invoices automatically, on the Home page in your eCom Back Office, click Settings > Administration. In the INVOICES section, set the Create drop-down menu to Instant.

  8. If you have an invoice number, your customer has been notified with a payment link. You have successfully issued a partial refund to your customer.

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