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1.a. Set up Lightspeed Payments - new Mollie account
1.a. Set up Lightspeed Payments - new Mollie account
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There are two types of Lightspeed Payment services. This article covers the Lightspeed Payments available in Europe. Click here for information about the Lightspeed Payments available in the United States.

Follow these six steps to use Lightspeed Payments:

  1. Register for Lightspeed Payments

  2. Lightspeed Set up payment

  3. General steps

  4. Set up payment methods

  5. Company details

  6. Lightspeed Activate Payments

1. Register for Lightspeed Payments

  1. Go to Settings > PAYMENT SETTINGS > Payment providers via the left menu of the back office.

  2. In the Lightspeed Payments banner, click on Sign up.

  3. You will be redirected to a page where you have to fill in all the information that Mollie needs from you.

  4. Click on Sign up at the top right of the screen to create your Lightspeed Payments account.

Pay attention! From now on you pay €5 per month for the use of Lightspeed Payments. You will receive an e-mail containing your login name and password for your Mollie account.

2. Set Lightspeed Payment

After you have registered for Lightspeed Payments, it is important that you set up payment methods.

  1. Click Dashboard to set up Lightspeed Payments.

  2. A pop-up window opens with Mollie's general terms and conditions. Read this carefully. At the bottom of the terms and conditions you will find the button at the bottom right of the page: Yes, I agree with the terms and conditions. Click to accept them. To do this, you must first scroll down the page in its entirety. At the bottom left you can download the general terms and conditions by clicking on Download as PDF .

  3. You will be redirected to the Lightspeed Payments settings page in the pop-up window:

    • Complete account information - click on Account to complete your information if the information is not yet complete. You will be redirected to your account page in the Mollie environment. Pay attention! All information must be entered correctly.

    • Create website profile - this screen is taken from Mollie. Since you have a Lightspeed online store, it is always approved and everything is already set up. If something changes in your data, such as your e-mail address and/or telephone number, click on the button Website profiles on the right. Then click on Details next to your website profile. Change the data and then click on Save and request recheck on the left under the form. Only do this if necessary, as this can make Lightspeed Payments temporarily unusable

      Pay attention! In addition to your user data, you will also find a number of API data on the Details page. Only arrive here if requested by Lightspeed or Mollie after personal contact. Incorrect changes can cause Lightspeed Payments to stop working.

    • Activate Payment Methods - go to the Payment Methods page to set up the payment methods you want to offer in your online store via Lightspeed LightPayments. You can read more information under the heading Payment methods on this manual page.

    • Activate payout - You only need to enter this information if you use certain payment methods such as credit cards. For more information about this page, please refer to the information about Company Information on this manual page.

  4. Payment Methods - On the Payment Methods page, select the payment methods you want to offer in your online store.

3. General Steps

This option must be accepted. This is Mollie's general payment services agreement. Click Read and accept immediately to read and accept it. You will then receive a contract and you can start setting up the payment methods.

4. Set up payment methods

After accepting the general payment services agreement, you can activate payment methods. Every payment method has a number of standard settings. Some payment methods have a number of additional settings, which you can find under the heading Exceptions on this manual page.

Pay attention! This screen has been taken over from Mollie. Mollie offers more payment methods than you can set up at Lightspeed. You cannot use paysafecard and PODIUM Giftcard.

  1. Open the desired payment method by clicking on the drop-down menu item, for example iDEAL.

  2. The menu expands, revealing the button Immediate reading and accepting .

  3. Click on this button to go to the Addendum. Please check all details carefully. You can also read the rates for the relevant payment method on this page.

  4. Click the button at the bottom left of the page: Yes, I have read the agreement and agree to the terms and conditions. If you do not want to use this payment method, click on the right of this button on Back to payment methods.

  5. After you have accepted the agreement, you will automatically return to the Payment methods page. You can read the accepted payment services agreement by clicking on View accepted contract.

  6. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to add all desired payment methods.

With a number of payment methods you will find the button Company details in the drop-down menu. This page is the same page as the Company Information button at the top of the screen. The payment methods where this button is present in the drop-down menu require this page to be completed and accepted before you can offer the payment methods in your shop. If this button is not in the drop-down menu, you can offer the relevant payment method directly.

Pay attention! The Company details page must be completed at all times, so that Mollie can pay you. With some payment methods it is mandatory in advance, with others it is your choice when you complete this page.


Credit card

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 of Set up payment methods.

  2. Click the Company Information button to upload important documents required for verification. If you have already done this with one of the other payment methods, you can skip this step. You can read more information about entering Company details under the heading Company details on this page.

  3. Under credit card now click on Request Credit Card Payment Method after the company details have been entered.

  4. A drop-down menu will appear, in which you can select the account for which you want to activate the credit card. Your current registration will be the only option. Then click on the Continue button on the right.

  5. You arrive at the application form where you have to fill in a number of questions. You can only answer these in the correct order.

  6. When you are done answering all the questions, click the button Request credit card payment method at the bottom right.

  7. You will be returned to the payment methods settings page, where it will be indicated that the request is pending. You will receive an email about this.


  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 of Set up payment methods.

  2. Click on Full instructions to link PayPal or click here to open the PDF with instructions written by Mollie. Follow the instructions in this PDF before continuing with the link.

  3. After following the instructions, enter your PayPal email address (with which you are registered with PayPal) in the input field in the drop-down menu of PayPal. Click Check. If you have a valid PayPal account and all steps in the PDF have been completed, your PayPal account will be approved. The red cross icon will automatically change to a green checkmark.

5. Company details

The company information must be filled in at all times. This information is necessary to arrange the payment from Mollie to your business bank account. With some payment methods it is mandatory to fill in this information in advance. If you don't, you won't be able to offer that payment method in your shop. An example of this is credit cards. With other payment methods, such as iDEAL, it is up to you when you complete this page. You can already offer this payment method in your webshop, but you will not yet be paid by Mollie.

Checking and accepting the company data can take some time. If you have any questions, please contact Mollie customer service.

Identification representative

Click on the Upload button on the right to get a copy of your passport, ID card, driver's license or residence document. Select from the drop-down menu which form of identification you have uploaded. Then click again on Upload

Chamber of Commerce extract

Click on the Upload button on the right to upload your Chamber of Commerce extract. Pay attention! Your Chamber of Commerce extract must be a digitally certified document and must not be older than 6 months! Mollie may not accept other versions. If you do not have this extract, you should contact the Chamber of Commerce.

Business Bank Accounts

The business bank account to which your credit will be paid by Mollie. You can add multiple bank accounts. Click on Bank accounts to check your bank details.

  1. Check your IBAN number on the page where you first arrive and then click on View verification methods.

  2. You will then be asked to transfer a small amount via iDEAL or Bank Transfer. If you have chosen bank transfer, you will receive an email with the information,

  3. After you have done that, you can click on Bank account again in the main menu. You now arrive at a detail page

    • Details - to validate and use your current account, the account details you entered during registration, you must include a bank statement. Click on the Details button to the right of your account. A new page will open, in which your details will appear as you entered them earlier during the registration process or in your Mollie account (if verified). You can still change this if necessary. Then click at the bottom right of the form on Upload a copy of bank statement. A new screen will open in which you can upload the bank statement.

    • Account number - check your IBAN account number or add your IBAN account number here, if this field is still empty.

    • File- click here on Choose file to select a bank statement on your computer's hard drive. Pay attention! Both the account number and the name of your account must be clearly visible on your bank statement.

    • Extra file (optional) - here you can optionally add a second file, for example a screenshot of internet banking.

    • Add bank account - if you want to add an extra bank account number, click on Add bank account at the bottom left. If you click on this, you will arrive at a page where you can enter the data. After you have done that, click on Create bank account at the bottom left.

Declare Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)

Mollie has a legal obligation to find out who has ultimate interests in your organisation. This concerns natural persons who own 25% or more of the shares or voting rights in an organization. Click on the 'Supply information' button at the bottom right to fill in the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)).

You can exit to a page in which you have to answer a number of questions with Yes, No or No, there are only people with a share of less than 25%. You must answer one question before another appears, depending on your answer to the questions. For example, if you answer yes to the first question, the second question will appear. If you answer No to the first question, an entry form will appear, for example. If there are other interested parties besides you, or if you are not an interested party with 25% or more shares, you must fill in their first names, last names and dates of birth.

After entering the correct answers, click on Save data at the bottom left of the screen.

6. Activate Lightspeed Payments

All you need to do now is activate Lightspeed Payments.

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