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Shipping with Bpost
Shipping with Bpost
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Bpost is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information click here.

With the Bpost Shipping Manager you can offer customers in Belgium the possibility to choose from Bpost's delivery scenarios. The Bpost Shipping Manager is particularly interesting if you are a web retailer established in Belgium, or if you have a distribution office in Belgium. The Bpost Shipping Manager can also be used for shipments from Belgium to abroad. Bpost works with 220 different countries and regions.

Would you like to offer Bpost Shipping Manager as a shipping method? Then you must first conclude a contract with Bpost. You can then set the shipping options in the back office of your web store at Settings > SHOP SETTINGS > Shipping methods > Connect withBpost.

Set up Bpost Shipping Manager

In the left menu, go to Settings > SHOP SETTINGS > Shipping methods > Connect to Bpost. Here you can configure the following settings:


  • Enable this integration - activate the switch when Bpost is fully set up and operational. At that point, your customers can use this feature.

  • Mode - set the mode to Live as soon as you want customers to choose Bpost as the shipping method.

  • Account id & Passphrase - these are the account details provided to you by Bpost. Enter these accurately and keep them in a safe place. The Passphrase is not Bpost's password. The Passphrase can be found in the Shipping Manager via Admin > General settings.


  • Let customers choose a delivery date - activate this option if you want to offer the possibility to choose a specific delivery date. Customers can then indicate themselves on which date they want to receive the package.

  • Number of service points - in step 2 of the checkout process, customers can choose a Bpost collection point. This overview shows a number of points in the vicinity of the address provided by your customers (entered in step 1). Here you can specify how many pick-up points are displayed in this list. If desired, customers can choose a different point themselves. You can show up to eight options (the default is five).

  • Number of days to dispatch - enter the number of days between order and delivery here. If you enter 1 here, the order will be delivered 2 days later, if you enter 2 here, it will be delivered 3 days later, etc. If you deliver the products the next day, leave the quantity at 0. This option is related to the time indicated when next day delivery is allowed.

  • For next day delivery, order before - enter the time here at which you can guarantee delivery the next day. By default, this time is set to 3:00 PM. This means that orders placed before 15:00 will be delivered the next day.


If your customers choose Bpost, they can choose from three delivery scenarios when checking out in your webshop:

  1. bpack@HOME - home or office delivery.

  2. bpack@bpost - a Bpost collection point nearby. Your customers enter a street, house number and zip code. A list of nearby pickup points will appear, shown on a map that you can zoom in on. Bpost works with approximately 1100 collection points in Belgium where your customers can pick up their package.

  3. bpack@24/7 - delivery via a parcel machine. Your customers can choose this option if they do not want to be tied to the opening hours of the collection points. Parcel machines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customers can use this service for free, all they have to do is register online in advance.

  4. bpack World - worldwide delivery of parcels up to 30 kilograms. All customers who place an order outside of Belgium will receive this option.

After the entry screen, the customer returns to the checkout process.

Pay attention! Bpack Business shipments cannot be created in the Lightspeed back office. Instead, Bpack Pro is used. Bpack Business customers must use the settings for bpack@HOME and manually create shipments at Bpost. The barcode that is subsequently generated at Bpost must be entered as the Track & Trace code of the relevant order. This can be found via Orders in the left menu. If this is not done, the discount that Bpack Business customers receive on a shipment will not be calculated.


Enter your company details here. This address will appear on the return label that customers can print out in your Bpost account.

Pay attention! This must be a Belgian address.


Enter here what your customers have to pay in shipping costs by clicking on Add prices . A pop-up window will open in which you can choose a shipping method, for example Worldwide delivery. You will be redirected to a page where you can set the private matrix for the chosen shipping method.

You can set the price per weight class per bpack option. For more information about classifying weights, see Shipping Methods.

  • Allow shipping method - activate this status if you want to use the shipping method.

  • Free shipping above - enter here from which order amount (in euros) your customers do not have to pay shipping costs. Do you always charge shipping costs? Then leave this field empty.

  • Tax rate - state here the VAT rate that you charge on the shipping costs. If you do not see any values ​​in the drop-down menu, you must first create them via Settings > PAYMENT SETTINGS > Taxes in the left menu of the back office.

  • Weights - enter the minimum and maximum weight here, in grams per class and give this class a price.

  • Countries - Select the customers to whom these weight classes and prices apply. Pay attention! Do you want a higher shipping cost to Germany than within Belgium, but then 2 price matrixes for the same shipping method (in this case 2x Worldwide Delivery)

Track and Trace code

It is possible to easily forward the Bpost Track & Trace code to your customers. They can automatically open the Bpost eTracker page from their e-mail. To do this, go in the left menu of Lightspeed to Settings > WEBSITE SETTINGS > Notifications emails and open the mail “Order track & trace code”. Here you can add your own text that will be sent when you want to notify customers that a parcel has been sent. In the WYSIWIG text editor you can edit the text to your own liking. If you want to place the link somewhere, simply click on the button “<>” at the top and add the code below in the desired place:

<a href=";itemCodes=[[ttcode]]">[[ttcode]]</a>

The link will now be included in your emails by default.

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