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HS codes can be entered into Lightspeed eCom on a per-product basis. Only add HS codes for international shipments via integrated shipping.

Depending on the integration, a missing HS code can:

  • make sure the checkout cannot be completed. Some integrations require HS codes to display international shipping methods. Without an available shipping method, customers will not be able to complete the checkout process.

  • ensure that a substitute HS code is used. As a result, the shipping label has incorrect HS codes, which can lead to problems with customs and import duties.


  1. Determine for which country you will be looking for the HS code. The first six digits are the same for each country, but the following digits are different and serve for further classification. Lightspeed eCom only supports one code per variant, per product. Check that your code is specific to the market to which you are exporting or importing goods. Below are some sources for HS codes:

    • The Netherlands

    • United States

    • Canada

    • United Kingdom

    • Australia

  2. Get the HS codes for each product type in your eCom store. For example, if you only sell cotton t-shirts, one HS code is enough.


  1. Turn on the HS codes.

    1. Click Settings > Advanced.

    2. Scroll to the section STORE and enable the HS codes option.

  2. Add the HS codes to every possible variant of a product.

    1. Click on Products in the left menu of the back office.

    2. Select a product's title to open its settings.

    3. Scroll to the section STOCK & VARIANTS and click on the title of a variant to open its settings.

    4. Scroll to the IDENTIFIERS section and enter the HS code of the product.

    5. Click on Save.

  3. You can import HS codes for all products. Read How to edit products by importing for more information.

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