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Integrated shipping methods by region
Integrated shipping methods by region
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Lightspeed eCom is connected to shipping companies through integrations and apps. The biggest benefit of using an integration or app is saving time. Most can return the shipping label to the order in eCom for printing. Many of them also automatically send shipping information such as the tracking codes to the eCom store for easy shipping to your customers.

Choosing between the available integrations and apps depends on where you are in the world and which shipping company you want to ship with. For example: PostNL or DHL only ship with one shipping company while others like ShipStation, SendCloud or Easypost can work with a range of other shipping companies.

Choose your shipping integration or app by browsing the following articles available in your region:


Integration or app

The Netherlands



United Kingdom

United States & Canada


Compare Easypost with ShipStation

EasyPost and ShipStations are the two apps available in North America, UK. and Australia. Visit our article located here to learn more about the difference between the two integrations.

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