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Create delivery time
Create delivery time
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When you send products, you naturally have to deal with delivery times. In your back office you can indicate the delivery time per product, so that customers know exactly when they can expect the product. They see this delivery time when they visit the product page.

Create delivery time

To add a delivery time to a product, you must first create a delivery set. This ensures that you can show an adjusted delivery time if your product is not in stock. To do this, go to Settings > Shop settings > Delivery times and click on Add a delivery time at the top of your screen. A pop-up window will open in which you can enter the title of the delivery time (Name of delivery time). This name is not visible in the webshop, but it makes it easier for you to link it to a product. So use a descriptive name here (for example, Standard delivery).


You can then set the delivery time in 2 ways. At Set delivery time you can indicate in numbers what the delivery time of the product is. Set time frame is intended for links with shipping parties. Are you not using this? Then you can leave these fields blank. At 'Notification when product is in stock' and 'Notification when product is out of stock' you can add the delivery time of the product in numbers and text. Depending on the theme you have chosen, this option will also be visible on the product page in your webshop. The 'Notification when product is in stock' is the delivery time for a product that is in stock. If you have indicated that a product can be ordered if it is not in stock, the 'Notification when product is out of stock' delivery time will appear in your webshop instead of the delivery time in stock message. This delivery time will therefore be longer. Click on Save at the bottom right. A delivery time has now been created that you can link to a product.

Link delivery time to a product

  1. In the left menu of the back office, go to Products and edit the product to which you want to add the delivery time.

  2. Under Content is the drop-down menu Delivery time. Choose the correct delivery time set in this menu.

  3. Click on Save at the top right of the screen. The delivery time is now visible with the product in your webshop.

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