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Troubleshooting checkout - Shipping
Troubleshooting checkout - Shipping
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Please check these settings to make sure the shipping methods are displayed at checkout.

Fix manual shipping method

Shipping methods with unconfigured weight classes or countries missing from checkout.

  1. In the left menu of the back office, go to Settings.

  2. Click Shipping Methods in the column titled Shop Settings.

  3. Click on the shipping method name that is not displayed at checkout.

  4. In the SHIPPING RATES section, make sure the weights of the products in an order are added together at checkout. When the total weight exceeds the weight class of a shipping method, the shipping method is not displayed. To learn more about adding weight classes, read one of the following articles:

    • Offering Free Shipping

    • Offering fixed shipping costs

    • Different shipping costs based on weight class

  5. In the COUNTRIES section, check if you have created a shipping method for the customer's country of origin.

Repair North American Shipping Methods

Shipping methods for North American customers are missing at checkout when the Region field is disabled.

  1. Log in to your eCom Back Office and click Settings.

  2. Click Advanced in the column titled General Settings.

  3. In the section labeled CUSTOMER NAME & ADDRESS, make sure to locate Region :

    1. In the column Mandatory when shipping to North America only.

    2. In the Optional column when shipping in North America and Europe.

Fix shipping integrations

Shipping methods are missing at checkout when integrations or apps are set up incorrectly.

  1. Check if you have activated the status.

  2. Check if your login details have been entered correctly. Log in or contact your shipping company to get the correct login information.

  3. Make sure you have created a price matrix (if available).

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