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Print packing slip labels
Print packing slip labels
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You can print packing slip labels by clicking on the order under Orders. The chosen shipping method is indicated in the second box. In this box you can print the packing slip by clicking the button Print packing slips or the print icon.


Printing labels Lightspeed shipping method

In addition to printing packing slip labels per individual order, it is also possible to print packing slip labels in bulk.

  1. Go to Orders

  2. Select all orders via the checkbox at the top left, or select the desired orders by clicking the checkbox next to the order.

  3. Click at the top left on Bulk actions.

  4. Now select Print shipping labels.

  5. You will receive an email containing the labels.


Bulk printing is only possible if a shipping method is used that has been created under Settings > SHOP SETTINGS > Shipping methods. This is not possible with integrations such as Post NL.

Label printing integration

  1. Go to Orders in the left menu

  2. Open the order for which you want to print the label

  3. When sending, click on Print labels. The name of this button may differ per integration.

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