If you have several orders per day, you can work with the overview of shipments. You will find this in the left menu of the back office under Orders > Shipments. Here you see an overview of all orders that have to be shipped or have been shipped, sorted by date. You can view the status of the shipment per order. The orders that have not yet been shipped are colored red.


Click on a shipment to change its status. A pop-up window opens in which you can set the status to sent and add a track & trace code if necessary. Then click on Save at the bottom right. Click on Print packing slip on the left to print the packing slip.


If you want to view the order, you can click on the order number on the left side of the screen. This is directly below the packing slip number.


You can perform an action for several shipments at the same time by checking the checkboxes next to a shipment and clicking the drop-down menu Bulk actions at the top left. Then click on the action you want to perform for all shipments that you have checked.

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