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Introduction to shipping
Introduction to shipping
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Shipping products is an important part of Lightspeed eCom. Use these resources to learn how to fulfill eCom orders.

Designing your shipping strategy

If you haven't worked with eCom orders before, this is a great place to start.

  • Get started shipping

Manually setting the shipping rates

To have full control over the costs of each shipping method in your checkout, creating a manual shipping method is best.

  • Offering Free Shipping

  • Offering fixed shipping costs

  • Offer variable shipping rates

Offering a live rate

To display your parcel sender's live rates directly at checkout, you need to use an integration or app. Offering live rates means that offering estimated shipping costs is skipped. There are several ways to integrate shipping, depending on your location.

  • Shipping Integrations and Apps by Region

Shipment management

Once you've set up your shipping methods, learn how to manage them.

  • View and edit shipments

  • Add a shipping tracking number

  • Configuring partial shipments

  • Printing shipping labels and packing slips

  • Troubleshooting checkout - Shipping

  • Add delivery times

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