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Linking individual products as variants, this is possible with the Product connector from Plus+! πŸ”—


Everyone knows it. Your products come in many variants , many colors or different sizes . However, it is often the case that entering products with variants is not convenient, for example because the specifications are different and they cannot be set per variant . That is a thing of the past with the Product connector! πŸ—žοΈ
Link individual products together using a SKU, Barcode or Article code , so you can use these individual products as variants ! πŸ›οΈ

Installation πŸ› οΈ


To install this add-on, an implementation from a developer is required . So it may take a while before the add-on is active. Simply click on " Request add-on " and let Plus+ notify our development heroes . πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ

After clicking " Request Add-on ", you would be redirected to " My Plus+ Add-ons " page. You will also see the following message appear in the top right corner of the dashboard.


Add-on settings/overview βš™οΈ


After installation you will see that the add-on is in your overview , including installation date and status.
With this add-on, the status would first be "Pending" , this is because the developers would first have to add the code to your webshop. As soon as the developers are working on this you should see the status change to "Pending".


If the developers have added the code, this status will be set to "inactive" , so you can set it up properly and then activate it! βœ…


To activate the add-on, click on the hamburger menu and choose "activate". Prefer to see a preview in test mode first ? Which can. Click on " Activate in preview mode"and the add-on would only be visible to you. So not for the customers !


Settings βš™οΈ


Of course this add-on also has settings, these include the styling settings.
The most important setting is what you want to link the products with, which one do you use? SKU, Article code or barcode?
How big should the title of the text be
, how much white space (margin) should be above and below ? And which heading tag do you want to use for this? (Note that Google only allows you to use one H1 tag per page!)

Within this add-on a translation key is used, with which you can adjust the text of the add-on to your own text. You can do this with custom translations .
The translation key for this is as follows:

  • This product is available in the following colors

Linking products πŸ”—
Perhaps the most important explanation for this add-on, how do I link my products together?
As the name suggests, the products will soon be linked to each other by means of the SKU, Barcode or Article Code . How this would be linked would be explained in the following steps. This explanation is based on SKU, but works identically for the other fields.

1. πŸ”— Go to your product or create a product.
2. πŸ”— Scroll to stock & variants


3. πŸ”— Click on the variant marked as "standard" , even if you have more variants! (e.g. sizes)


4. πŸ”— Enter aunique SKU for your product group (products you want linked), followed by a - . Behind this - put the desired name for the variant.
As you can see the SKU TER123RES is used here, the color (Green) is put behind the dash.

5. πŸ”— Save your product.

Great, your first product is ready to connect! Let's start pairing the other products! πŸ”—
To start with, we're going to do a small repetition of the explanation above. These steps are the same. Follow steps 1 to 3 for your product that you want to link.
We are back at Stock & variants with the 2nd product , also click here on the variant that is marked as "standard"


From here we continue step 4:


4. πŸ”— Fill in the unique SKU for your product group (products that you want linked have), followed by a - . Behind this - put the desired name for the variant.
As you can see, the SKU TER123RES is used again, the SKU module now knows that these products must be linked together. Here the color (Brown) is also placed after the dash to indicate that this is the brown color.
5. πŸ”— Save your product.

Repeat these steps as many times as you want to link multiple products together!

Result 🏁
Of course you are curious about the result, if you followed the steps for the link as above, the products with the same SKU would be displayed as variants of each other . See the result here:

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