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Trustpilot Review invites
Trustpilot Review invites
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Customers have opinions, let them give them! 💭

With Trustpilot review invitations you can prepare your shop for automatic review invitations in an instant . This add-on ensures that Trustpilot receives a notification with the correct customer data . This add-on also provides product review invites from Trustpilot! So 2 birds with 1 stone! 🪰

Installation 🛠️


To install this add-on, an implementation from a developer is required . So it may take a while before the add-on is active. Simply click on " Request add-on " and let Plus+ notify our development heroes. 👨‍⚕️

After clicking " Request Add-on ", you would be redirected to " My Plus+ Add-ons " page. You will also see the following message appear in the top right corner of the dashboard.


Add-on settings/overview ⚙️


After installation you will see that the add-on is in your overview , including installation date and status.
With this add-on, the status would first be "Pending" , this is because the developers would first have to add the code to your webshop. As soon as the developers are working on this you should see the status change to "Pending".


If the developers have added the code, this status will be set to "inactive" , so you can set it up properly and then activate it! ✅


To activate the add-on, click on the hamburger menu and choose "activate". Prefer to see a preview in test mode first ? Which can. Click " Activate in preview mode" and the add-on would be visible only to you. So not for the customers !


Settings ⚙️

Of course we still need to configure the Trustpilot Review invitations , so that the customers receive a notification/email from trustpilot. We need to start using our integration key for this. Click on " Show settings " to open the settings.


Few words institutions, but many deeds. This add-on has no real settings, but uses one translation key.
To make everything work, you need the Trustpilot integration key. You can find it on the following page:
Copy your integration key here.


In your Lightspeed back office you now go to the translations. Click on 'add custom translation'.
For translation key, enter: dmws-trustpilot-integration-key.
For the translation, enter your integration key, click on create and voila! The integration works!

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