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Pinterest Pixel, just like Facebook. Track and optimize your ads! πŸ“Œ

With the Pinterest Pixel add-on you can easily implement the Pinterest Pixel in your webshop. Track your ads, optimize them or build them up from scratch . With this add-on you can be sure that the pixel will work flawlessly! And that without additional implementation costs! πŸ“

Installation πŸ› οΈ


To install this add-on, no developer implementation is required . super handy! So it's a " one-click install ". Simply click on " Request add-on " and let Plus+ do the work for you! πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ

After clicking " Request Add-on ", you would be redirected to the " My Plus+ Add-ons " page. You will also see the following message appear in the top right corner of the dashboard.


Add-on settings/overview βš™οΈ


After installation you will see that the add-on is in your overview , including installation date and status.
To activate the add-on, click on the hamburger menu and choose "activate". Prefer to see a preview in test mode first ? Which can. Click " Activate in preview mode" and the add-on would be visible only to you. So not for the customers !


Settings βš™οΈ


Of course, this add-on also has settings . The Pinterest Pixel must of course be recognized.

πŸ“ Pinterest Pixel tag ID: Enter your Pinterest Pixel tag ID here, you can find it under the Conversions page in ad
manager πŸ“ Enable 'Enhanced Match': Do you want to activate the Enhanced Match setting? Enhanced Match sends hashed email addresses to Pinterest to identify events on your website when no Pinterest cookie is present.
πŸ“ Enable conversion tracking on checkout: Want to track your conversions on checkout? Then enable this option. This way you not only measure your site visitors and which pages they are on, but also your number of checkouts.Handy, right?

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