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Plus+ Support - Strip cards
Plus+ Support - Strip cards
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Specific requests? No problem. The old and trusted strip card will remain available! πŸ”–


Strippenkaarts, the option we hope you don't need anymore. We hope that you can already get enough from the Plus+ addons and apps. But maybe you have a very specific wish that only applies to your webshop, no problem! With a strip card you can have this specific work worked out.

Your strip card

Your strip card, only yours! View the status of your strippenkaart here.
When did you purchase the strip card, when was it last updated, how many hours do you still have available on your strip card, what are the total costs that you have spent on the strip cards? You can also find the purchase history here. So this can all be seen in this overview, handy right?

What is perhaps even more convenient is that you can purchase extra hours with 1 push of a button, how easy is that! No more waiting for an invoice, but purchase directly. Click on the "buy busticket" button to purchase a busticket, the following menu would open:


Wow, very easy and well-arranged. Choose your number of hours, see the price (incl. VAT), agree to the conditions and press "buy".
Success? Nice, you will receive a link in your mailbox to pay for the strip card immediately!
As soon as this is paid you would see that your hours in the dashboard have been updated, that's easy!

To share

Sharing, that is of course something we like to do! But what does this mean?
Do you have several shops and do they all use Plus+ ? Then you can divide the strip card among your different shops . Easy right? This way you do n't have to purchase different bustickets for all your shops. Can't you only use the strip card for this shop? No problem. Then you can uncheck the box!
Shared bustickets can be recognized by the " share icon " in your purchase history.


The icon is also clickable, so you always know that this strip card has been shared.


Strip card overview


You have purchased a strip card, you are ready to have your assignment carried out. But how do I request an order? Very simple, click on the button "New request".

Welcome to the "new request" screen, easy huh?


Fill in your request here, do you want customization to an app, addon or theme? Select it here. Enter your subject and feature description (What customization is it and how does it work?). Optionally, an example link with a screenshot and click send.
​Success! Your request has been received! You will be redirected to your busticket overview .

Look at it shine, your application is in the overview! ✨


You will find the application with a reference number separated by the title of your application . What it's about, its status here and when it was last updated .
Curious about the different statuses and what they mean, these are explained here:

View your busticket/customization request



Your busticket/customization request can of course always be viewed in full . On the right you see a small summary ; It is about Customization, which product is involved and how many hours have been estimated to make this possible . Below you would see which specialist would make your customization and help you with this. You would also find any attached attachments here .
Also important, if an hourly estimate has been made , you can approve or reject it at the top of this page . You decide whether you agree!

The most important field here is of course the status bar, you will see different statuses here. What do these statuses mean? You can consult this article for this:

If you have any questions or comments about the customization , you can always send them in via the activity heading . Here you keep in touch with the specialist and you ensure close and clear cooperation . There is also an option here to send any files.

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