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"Can I have your ticket please? Then we can help you further!" 🎫


Do you have a question, a bug report or a feature request? Then you can always send it in via our new ticket system! Email is a thing of the past. No more long waiting times, no more incorrect email addresses or emails that end up in spam. Always easy contact via the Plus+ ticket system!

Submit tickets 🎟️

Do you have a question, no problem! You can submit your question by clicking on "New ticket" .
The following screen would open:


Neat! You have come to the page where you can submit your question. I would like to explain the steps for you, so that you can easily proceed.
🎫 Ticket Type: What is your ticket about? You can choose from: Feature Request, Bug or Question .
🎫 Choose product type: What is your ticket about? Is it about a Plus+ Addon, Plus+ App or is it a general question ?
🎫 Choose product: Depending on your choice, you get the option here to select which product your question is about, for example: The Perfect Checkout .
🎫 URL: Enter here the URL of your webshop that the question is about.
🎫 Title: Enter the title of your question here, for example: "How can I enable the instagram feed?"
🎫 Extra options : Depending on the type of question, different fields will be shown here. The bug report and feature request fields will be the same as the dedicated pages for this . For question , a field would expand where you can type your question extensively .
🎫 Files: Do you have any screenshots or videoswho can clarify your question? Send them along! Then we know exactly where to look.
🎫 Personal information: Enter your personal information here, so we know who we are in contact with and we can call you by your name, just as personal!

Have you filled in all fields? Then click on send and the ticket will be sent directly to us!

View your tickets πŸ”Ž


So, your ticket has been submitted. But what happens now? You can view the status at all times in your ticket overview.
All your open tickets are listed between open , your resolved tickets are under the rounded tab .
But what does everything mean ?


First of all, you will of course see your ticket number separated with a dash , next to the dash you will see the title of your ticket . It will always be displayed like this: "#ticket number - Ticket title "
β€‹πŸ”Ž Below the title you will see two icons , the πŸ‘₯ icon represents theproduct that your report/question is about. The πŸ“ icon represents what kind of message it is , in this case it is about a bug .
β€‹πŸ”Ž On the far right you can see the status of your application . The following options apply here: Open , Pending , Solved .
πŸ”Ž Last but certainly not least , you will see under the status of your request when your ticket was last updated . This may be because there has been an answer from us or a message from you.
​You can view your ticket extensively by clicking on it, let's do that! The Ticket details screen would open πŸ‘“


How handy! My entire ticket can be viewed, including answers (activity), status, number of comments and which specialist you are in contact with.
Do you have a question about the ticket or did you forget to send something? Then you can always send it back by adding your comment under the heading "Activity".
​So you always have direct contact with the assigned specialist via the activity heading. So you would also find the answers to your tickets here.


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