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Plus+ Support - Report a bug
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Caterpillar Never Enough in your webshop? We'll take him away! πŸ›

You know it? An error message on your webshop . Ooh, how come . An error message is also called a bug . Nobody likes these little critters in your webshop , let our "bug catchers" catch them and release them in nature! πŸƒ

Reporting a bug has never been so easy , no more hassle with typing an email and hoping that it arrives at the right person in the mailbox . Emailing is a thing of the past with Plus+!
You can report a bug simply by filling in this form , we would explain the steps, so that the bug can be reported even more easily and clearly .

πŸ› Choose product type: Choose here what your bug is about, this can be an App, Plus+ addon or a Theme .
πŸ› Choose product: Choose here which app, addon or theme is the bug, for example Theme Switch.
πŸ› URL: Enter here the URL of the page where the bug occurs , so that our bug catchers do not have to search in the forest, but can search directly in this place.
πŸ› Title: Enter here in one sentence what your bug means, for example: "Description on product page disappeared"
πŸ› Problem description: Enter hereas detailed as possible in what the problem with the app, addon or theme is. Write the story from the "user" in the form of: "If I want to read the product description, this is not possible because it is gone, this happened after I made an x ​​change to the Theme".
πŸ› Reproduce: Describe (if possible) how the problem arose , write this down step by step. For example: 1. I added css line x to the custom css to increase the width of the description. 2. I have saved the css and refreshed the page. 3. The description has disappeared from the product page. πŸ› Expected Result: Describe here

​what you actually expected what this tweak/app/addon/theme would do with this change/setting. In this case it would be "My css edit should increase the product description".
πŸ› Actual result: What is the result that actually happened? In this case it would be "The product description has disappeared".
πŸ› Files: Do you have a screenshot, video or a file where it is clear to see what happened? Then send it along!
πŸ› Personal information: Enter your name here, so we know who to contact and how to address you.So personal!

You can always find every bug report and its status in your Tickets!

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