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Plus+ Support - I'm missing a feature
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You miss something, what do you miss? Let us know! 💭

As a shop owner, you naturally know what is best for your webshop! That also means that you want a number of functionalities where you may also think of your competitors.
Do you have a super good, great, perfect idea ? This can be for an App, a Theme or a Custom addon . Then send it in directly via this form! Choose your product type, choose your product (for example an idea for an extra option to an app), fill in the link of your shop , a description of your idea and possibly an example of a shop that already has this function.Of course, this function doesn't have to be in Lightspeed!

For our convenience, please send us an image and your details so that we know who you are.
Everything filled in correctly? Nice! Ready to go , click send and hope your wish will come true!🌠

For what, hear what. ♻️
Of course we think it 's great that you want to share your input and ideas with us. "But is there something in return?" I hear you say. Yes, of course there is something for you too! For what, hear what we always say.
If your idea is approved and developed , you will receive PREMIUM+ FREE for one year . That's nice isn't it?I think so! 🍴

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