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Plus+ General - Email settings
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Welcome back shopowner, you've got mail! ✉️

Because e- mails are sent from certain apps such as The Perfect Review and The Perfect Recovery , we must of course set this up properly! We have to make sure that this is allowed by your domain provider . In addition, you have the option to change the name and email address so that customers always see a good name.

Under shipping you can set the name and email address. From which name should the mail be sent? For example Customer Service | "Websitename" , or do you go for example Robin from "Websitename" . In addition, you can set from which email address this can be sent, so that your customer reactions always end up in the right place!

DNS Settings

This is a somewhat more complicated point , but is actually very simple to solve . Enter this information in the DNS settings of your domain . The tracking domain settings are optional . Everything filled in? Then click on the ' Verify' button at the bottom to check the settings. Note: it may take some time before the changes are visible!

If you can't figure it out and need help? Send in a ticket via the ticket form under the support tab!

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