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Plus+ Addons - Overview
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Plus+ Addons overview, all available Addons visible to you! ❇️

Under the Plus+ Addons dashboard you will of course find an overview of all custom addons . Which addons are available to you depends on your subscription. Premium+ user ? Lucky you! You have the option to install all addons !
an addon πŸ‘· To install an addon, click on the addon you want to install from this overview.
​The page for your clicked addon would open.


Check out the information for the addon right away! This way you can see how the addon would behave on the desktop and on mobile. πŸ“±
The tags show which parts this addon would affect, you also see which Plus+subscription is required. βœ…
Of course there is a documentation link available and you can view the add-on live in our demo webshop.
To install the addon, simply press " Request addon ". Some addons have a magician with them, this magician makes sure that the addons are immediately visible in your shop ! πŸͺ„

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